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Hi There, Thanks For Visiting My Website! This ‘About Me’ page is packed full of interesting adjectives and run-on sentences but it is really written for the search engines in an effort to make it easier for you to find the right kind of voice. ¬†However, don’t let me stop you from reading all about ME….Please feel free to enjoy:) You can click here to listen to my Voice Over Demos or to Contact Me.

I have been a voice over since 1998 and in that time I have been fortunate enough to work with some very prestigious clients like; US Army, NASCAR, AAA Auto Club as well as countless smaller businesses and local organizations like; Riverside County Sheriff, Xyience, Kevin Jewelers & Omnitrans. No job is too big or too small.

My voice is smooth, resonant, warm, deep, sincere & confident. I am great at delivering relaxed, soft sell, conversational, believable, trustworthy, friendly, calm, soothing, sentimental, folksy, story telling, caring, guy next door and down to earth reads. I can also provide exciting, upbeat, hard sell, strong, serious, authoritative, enthusiastic, announcer, spokesperson & newsy reads.

I can do sophisticated, luxurious, rich, expensive, snooty, sexy, romantic, sensual & professional. I can also bring out edgy attitudes like, sarcastic, flippant, argumentative, wry, bored, monotonous monotone, deadpan, casual and smart ass. I can do dramatic reads such as movie trailer, documentary, tv promo, audiobook or very natural every day guy on the street testimonial reads.

I am accomplished at reading corporate, industrial, medical, technical, instructional, tutorial and all sorts of professional straight forward copy. I have able to clearly pronounce and understand even the most difficult technical, medical, chemical and electronic terminology. I have a strong understanding of Latin terms. I can phrase points and outline bullets very well to clearly lead the listener through the logic of a detailed presentation.

In addition to this, I do a great job of interpreting the subtle emotions in copy and words and can bring these unwritten feelings to life in a variety of interesting and directable ways. When you need to convey a very specific emotion I can produce it, as well as several variations of it, to create a calculated emotional connection with the listening audience. Some common emotional undertones might include angry, happy, sad, disappointed, satisfied, relieved, concerned, worried, confused, surprised and even some more complex emotions like exasperated, jealous, envious, dejected, hopeful, amazed, astounded and so on.

I will go the extra mile to provide outstanding voice over services for your next project whether it is for radio, tv, trailers, commercials, corporate industrial, narration, documentaries, telephone IVR / on hold messages, animation, audiobooks, book on tape, training videos, internet / podcast presentations or pretty much any type of voice over recordings you might be looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!

Voice Over Specialties Include:
Television Commercials
Television Imaging and Station Identification
Radio Announcer
Radio Commercials
Radio Imaging and Station Identification
Business Demonstrations
Business Presentations and Corporate Videos
Podcast Announcer
Telephone, Voicemail and On-Hold Messages
Video Game Voice, Computer Game Voice
Audio Books, Books on Tape
Educational Videos, CD-rom, e-Learning
Government, Political
Medical, Scientific, Technical

I Am a Voice123.com Voiceover

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